Vendor Opportunities

Vendor Hours: 6 -10 pm | Event Hours: 7 – 10 pm

All types of vendors are invited to apply. Anticipated attendance is 2,500.


FOOD & DRINK ($50 – $100) – All menus and booths must show good taste and taste good! Priority will be given to organizations raising money for a cause or youth-based function.

ARTS & CRAFTS / MERCHANDISE ($50 – $75) – We will accept handmade, as well as resale gift items. All items must be family appropriate and show good taste. Priority will be given to handmade items and local entrepreneurs.

COMMERCIAL & BUSINESS SERVICES ($250) – Booth spaces are available for commercial businesses or services that are not already allotted space from sponsorship. Commercial vendors are defined as widely available products and services.

For all the details and to apply, click the button below, fill out and return pages 3 & 4 with your vendor fees.