Back to School Event Safety

Here are some important safety measures for the day of the event:

* Please park in designated areas only. There will be no parking directly in front of the building unless you have a handicap designation on your vehicle.

* Masks will be worn by all volunteers. Those attending the event will also be required to wear a mask, per city guidelines.

*Social distancing will be followed at all times.

* Families are encouraged to send a minimal amount of members as possible to this event. Children do not have to attend in order to receive items. A parent or guardian may pick up on their behalf.

* Only 10 people will be permitted inside the building at one time.

* Clothing will not be able to be tried on.

* If you are feeling sick or have any covid-like symptoms, please do not attend. We can arrange for a pickup or drop off at another time.

* Due to these safety measures, we understand the event may go past the designated 11 o’clock end time. Do not feel you have to come super early to wait in line. We have plenty of items and we will stay as long as there are people waiting.

If you have any questions at all pertaining to this event, please contact Charity at 512.656.0450 or